1. The online store located on the website www.avita.pl enables shopping via the Internet. It is run by AVITA Sławomir Rutz with its headquarters in Osielsko 86-031, ul. Leśna 40, entered in the register of business activity records kept by the Mayor of the city of Bydgoszcz - no. 94354, which has been assigned the identification number NIP 554-046-26-00 and REGON 093065866.

2. The prices of goods sold in the online store are given in Polish zlotys or Euro depending on the chosen language. Registered retail clients see their gross prices (with VAT). Business clients are assigned with net prices (without VAT).

3. Registration in the online store by the user is tantamount to acceptance of the provisions of these Regulations. Thus, the user agrees to receive information from the online store, to the e-mail address provided by him, necessary to perform the order.

4. We make every effort to ensure that the given photos and descriptions are completely correct and complete. However, the presented photos are for reference only. Their color, format, size or label may differ from the final product. In case of any doubts or the desire to obtain additional information, please contact the sales department. The presented catalog of products does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code and is for informational purposes only.


1. Purchase of goods takes place through:

  1. User registration (first time only, each next after logging in)

  1. Adding the item to the basket

  1. Indication of the delivery address

  1. Choosing the payment method

  1. Agreeing with the terms of service

Each order will be confirmed electronically and in special cases by phone. Client has the right to withdraw the order until the store employee confirms the shipment.

2. Orders can be placed 24 hours a day throughout the year.

3. In the absence of ordered goods in the warehouse or an unexpected extension of the time necessary to bring the ordered goods, the customer is informed about the fact by the customer service department.

4. Incorrectly completed forms and orders not confirmed by the Buyer within 5 days will not be implemented.

5. The shop reserves the right to refuse to execute the order at any stage of its implementation, in the event of unavailability of the ordered goods in the warehouse and at suppliers or in cases which raise justified concerns and if these regulations are not observed.

6. We warn you that due to temporary lack of goods in the warehouse or for other reasons beyond our control, we can fulfill the order partially. If there are problems with the implementation of the contract, we will inform the buyer as soon as we can.

7. We issue an invoice for the goods ordered.

8. The user who will accept the registration in the online store, provided that he agrees, will receive commercial information about the services, products and special offers introduced by the online store.


1. The purchased goods will be delivered by the carrier at the expense of buyer.

2. Purchased goods are delivered to the address indicated in the order form.

3. The ordered goods are sent and delivered only on business days.

4. Shipments are delivered via the carrier choosen by the buyer or seller. Each shipment depending on the country destination has different transportation time.

5. In order to determine the approximate date of delivery, please contact the Avita Export Department.

6. The company is not responsible for the delay in delivery caused by the fault of the carrier.


1. Transport costs include costs of packaging and shipping of goods.

2. Courier company GLS:

Weight of the shipment


Cash on delivery

Up to 30 kg

17 zł gross

19 zł gross

3. Shipments whose weight exceeds 30 kg are shipped on a pallet by the company RABEN acc. the following price list:

Pallet weight


Up to 200 kg

90 zł gross

More than 200 kg

170 zł gross

4. When ordering more than 2000 zł net, the shipment is at the expense of AVITA.

5. AVITA reserves the right to change transport costs in special cases, when it is not possible to pack a parcel into one parcel both for security reasons and restrictions of courier companies.

6. In case of possible change of transport costs, the Customer is always informed about this fact.


1. The cost of transport is borne by the buyer.

2. At the customer's request, Avita can arrange transport and charge the buyer's costs. Avita can also organize the customs clearance in Poland when requested or when the contract with the buyer specifies it.

3. Transport costs at the client's request include the costs of packing and shipping the goods.

4. The cost of transport at the customer's request is determined individually for the customer under each order depending on the size, weight and country of destination.


1. The courier company deliver packages and pallets to the address indicated. In the absence of the Recipient, the Courier shall leave a notice with the date of re-delivery of the parcel indicated and an indication of where and when the Recipient may personally collect the parcel. The unaccepted parcel will be returned to the AVITA warehouse by the ordering party. Re-delivery will be possible after covering the fees resulting from its return, equal to delivery costs.

2. At the time of receipt of the shipment, the Customer is obliged to check if it is originally packed. The package should be covered with AVITA brand tape, which cannot show signs of damage. Our company tape is white and has the red AVITA logo. In addition, some parcels are also wrapped with stretch foil. The customer is also obliged to check whether the shipment has no damage caused during transport and its completeness in the presence of the person delivering the goods. A condition for considering a quantitative or qualitative complaint is the writing of a "Complaint Report" in the presence of an employee of a forwarding company. Upon receipt, the Buyer receives the ownership of the goods and all risks related to ownership and use, in particular the risk of loss or damage.

3.In case of damage to the packaging, tapes or traces of opening the parcel, please do not collect the parcel and contact our store as soon as possible or accept the goods however make a note on CMR on the consignment while writing down the damage report on a special form provided by the courier and then file a complaint to our store. Complaints submitted to our company will be accepted only with the protocol recorded during receipt of the package and signed by the courier.

4.Reclamations for mechanical damage caused during transport will not be considered without a properly completed damage report with the courier delivering the shipment and without the original packaging of the advertised goods.

5. Acceptance of the shipment without reservations will result in the expiration of claims for loss or damage.


1. The customer can choose one of the following payment methods:

TRANSFER TO THE BANK ACCOUNT - the customer pays the total value of the order to the bank account number which is given on thesent proforma invoice.

2. The cost of transport is added to the shipment on the proforma invoice, after accepting the order.

3. When transferring to our account, please enter the order number in the title.

Payment for orders should be sent to the following account number:

Account number (EUR): PL40 2490 0005 0000 4600 3257 5216


Account name: AVITA Sławomir Rutz, ul. Leśna 40, 86-031 Osielsko

Bank's name: Alior Bank SA


1. In the case of a warranty claim, please:

a / sign the warranty card with the first and last name,

b / attach a note with a description of the damage,

c) attach proof confirming the purchase of the goods being advertised (maybe photocopying),

d / send the goods to the following address: AVITA Sławomir Rutz, ul. Leśna 40, 86-031 Osielsko at your own expense.

2. We do not accept parcels with complaints sent at our expense.

3. The day of bringing the complaint is the day on which the parcel arrived with the advertised product to the AVITA headquarters.

4. The complaint will be considered within 30 days from the date of its submission. Within 30 days, the User will receive a response containing justification as well as information about the appeal procedure.

5. In the event of an unjustified complaint or damage to the equipment due to user's fault, all costs of the above-mentioned procedures are covered by the Customer.

6. In the case of a complaint regarding the amount of the ordered product or service, the User is obliged to indicate the item and the amount in question.


1. In case of canceling your order: you can opt out of the product purchased from the Online Store without giving a reason until a message is sent that the package with the ordered product has been sent to the buyer.


1. If you want to make changes to the orders that you placed within two days: If the order placed on the first day has not been completed (sent) until the next order is completed, on the customer's request we send both orders in one package (if possible and then we collect postage only for one parcel).

2. If you want to change the order: At the customer's request, by e-mail or by phone, we can make changes to the order, if the order has not already been packed or sent.

3. The user may share his account with third parties at his own risk and responsibility. In the event of changes to personal data contained in the registration form, the User immediately updates them. The User may request the deletion of his personal data from the AVITA database by sending an email to: kierownik@avita.pl or by calling +48 523200000

4. All trade names, product names, company names and their logos used on the store website www.avita.pl belong to their owners and are used only for identification purposes. They may be registered trademarks. All materials, descriptions and photos presented on the www.avita.pl website is used for informational purposes. The content of the site (texts, pictures, graphics) and all its parts are the property of AVITA, manufacturers, suppliers or cooperating companies.

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