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Disinfection and protection products

Hygiene is of considerable importance in public life today. Disinfecting hands and objects, wearing protective masks, keeping our distance - this is our everyday life. Therefore, we need to have constant access to preparations that will make it easy and convenient to ensure compliance with cleanliness in the workplace. In our offer you will find products that meet the requirements of the sanitary regime. These are primarily disinfectants and protection products for cleaning small surfaces, objects and hands.

Products for disinfection of hands and surfaces

Our assortment has been prepared so that you can buy everything you need for hygiene in one place. Among the products on sale are such products as disposable protective masks (20 pieces in a set). This is an indispensable piece of equipment for anyone who has to move around in public spaces, which allows you to take care not only of your own safety, but also that of others. It is worth stocking up on more masks and always carry this essential means of protection against viruses and bacteria.

Of course, protective masks are not the only products we offer. We focus primarily on providing means for disinfecting hands and objects. In the presented offer there is no shortage of preparations that will work well in workplaces and farms. For cleaning small surfaces (including those in contact with food) and objects of everyday use, it is worth using products such as paper cloths soaked in a preparation with virucidal and bactericidal activity. These agents are available both in small and capacious ergonomic packages (so they will last longer).

Mandatory equipment in public places are preparations for hand disinfection in the form of gel or liquid. Easy to use means are quickly absorbed into the skin and do not leave a trace. The ability to hygienically sterilize hands should be available to every person who moves around the workplace, warehouse or utility room. Therefore, bottles with a preparation (gel or liquid) with virucidal and bactericidal action should be found first of all in areas of higher traffic, in traffic aisles, toilets and at the entrances to buildings.

We also did not forget such essential equipment as bactericidal sprayers. These are multifunctional products for disinfecting objects. You can choose from models with or without a canister. This is a convenient and, at the same time, inexpensive solution, which is worth equipping the farm with when sourcing hygiene products.

Avita - everything you need to disinfect hands and objects

The Avita store offers the essentials you need for farm work today. We adapt our offer to current needs - that's why you will find here professional preparations for personal hygiene and products for cleaning hands and objects that meet the requirements of the sanitary regime. Stock up on the necessary products and take care of your own safety and the safety of others.


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