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Udder Hygiene

Maintaining a good level of cleanliness in the parlour is essential for both milking quality and animal health. That's why it's important to stock up on udder care products: products that are essential for the regular care of your cows' teats. For cattle farmers looking for products of this type, we have prepared a wide range of products. We offer various types of cleansers, ointments, concentrates, lotions and other preparations needed to ensure that the quality of milking remains as high as possible.

Udder care products - cleaning and moisturizing preparations

We have divided our udder care products into subcategories to make finding a specific product easier. We have prepared a range of teat cleaning accessories such as cloths, towels or paper (wet, soaked and dry). They can be purchased in ergonomic packaging designed to make pulling out the wipes convenient for the farmer. These products are intended for cleaning the teats before milking - they have stimulating properties, which makes the work easier and speeds up milk extraction. The wipes, cloths and towels are also environmentally friendly: They are biodegradable, so cleaning up after milking will not be a problem.

Udder hygiene products also include all kinds of ointments for proper care with a wide range of effects. They not only protect against bacteria and clean the teats but also maintain teat health by preventing the development of mastitis. The ointments are available as creams, lotions, gels, microemulsions and sprays. Easy to apply, effective, and properly formulated, they make the skin supple and maintain natural cellular functions at appropriate levels. Also available are udder care products with peppermint, which not only care for the udder but also provide a pleasant fragrance. Ointments can be used prophylactically to reduce the occurrence of inflammation in cattle.

We also offer udder care products such as pre-milking concentrates and post-milking hygiene products. These are specially formulated products which moisturize and protect against environmental factors. They should be rinsed both before and just after milking. High cleaning properties and active formula are the main advantages of these solutions. The products are available in large containers so they last longer.

Wide range of udder care products

Udder care is a very important aspect of every dairy farmer's work. Regular use of products designed to take care of the cow's mammary glands is essential for proper hygiene. At Avita, only high quality products for pre- and post-milking hygiene are available in affordable and ergonomic packaging.


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