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Products for sheep and horses

As a good farmer, you should take good care of your animals. You can do this by purchasing and using the horse and sheep accessories we offer in this category of our online store. We offer such products as a small teat for the bucket, as well as the bucket itself for feeding lambs. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the whole prepared by us assortment - our products for sheep and for horses we offer in very good prices. We invite you to place an order in the online store Avita.

Wide choice of equipment - products for horses and for sheep

Accessories available in this category are perfect for taking care of animals bred by you. They are ideal for owners of farms where there are sheep and horses. Among the proposed assortment leading buckets with teats, which are used to water and feed young. However, we also offer other accessories - among other things, licking buckets, replaceable teats or mounting brackets and valves for the buckets already mentioned here. All this is available at attractive prices.

Why you should invest in horse and sheep accessories at Avita

Primarily because they streamline the work of caring for your animals. Especially when you have a larger number of them. Our products will make caring for young lambs and foals easier. The elements of the assortment selected here will successfully replace many hands at work, and as we know, in animal breeding, this work is never in short supply.

Attractive price of products for horses and sheep

A definite advantage of the accessories you will find in our online store is their attractive price. Forget about spending a lot of money from your budget. Taking care of foals and lambs does not have to be an expensive undertaking, we prove it with the prices of the assortment prepared here. We encourage you to shop at Avita's store, where orders are processed efficiently so as to quickly provide you with comfortable work on the farm.

Products for horses and sheep - licks available in the offer

Among accessories which we prepared in our store, licks deserve special attention. These are blocks rich in minerals, vitamins and other microelements. Animals, i.e. foals and lambs, deliver appropriate ingredients to their organisms by licking them. This is a great way to replenish deficiencies in order to keep farmed animals in good health and full strength. We offer licks in the form of 10 kg blocks.

Avita accessories - the highest quality of care for farm animals

Products for horses and sheep, which you will find in our wide assortment, will allow you to provide the highest quality of care for your animals. What is more, you should be persuaded to buy the offered accessories by their attractive price. They are suitable for foals and lambs, so the animals will certainly feel completely happy. With their and your comfort in mind, decide to purchase our unique products now.


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Drinking watercraft

Floating waterer for cattle, horses and other livestock. The drinker has a built-in float valve that fills the bowl with water and keeps it at a certain level. The animal does not have access to the float. The drinker is excellent when the animals overflow the water in a tongue drinker. With this drinker, the animal has no control over the amount of water...

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Sheep drinking trough with hose valve

Drinking trough for sheep, goats, calves and piglets. Equipped with a plastic valve. Integrally shaped: The shape of the bowl is suitable for the sheep's head. Touch switch: the water flows automatically when you touch the valve with your nose. Made of plastic, durable and strong. The valve fits for 20mm (DN15) pipe

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Sheep watering trough plastic

Drinking trough for sheep, goats, calves and piglets. Equipped with a plastic valve. Integrally shaped: The shape of the bowl is suitable for the head of sheep. Touch switch: water flows automatically when you touch the flap tongue with your nose. Made of plastic, durable and long lasting. Valve fits 20mm (DN15) pipe

In stock

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