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Accessories for rabbits

Whether you own a breeding farm or just have a pet rabbit, be sure to check out the Aivta store. Here you will find accessories for rabbits, including special plastic houses, feeders and drinkers. They will certainly prove to be a great support in caring for your pet. Moreover, rabbit accessories such as houses, feeders and drinkers can be found in Avita's store, at very good prices. Therefore, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the entire range prepared by us, and also purchase our products.

Rabbit accessories - feeders and drinkers

Our products are designed to make it easy and convenient for pets to get both water and food. The attractive price of our feeders and drinkers should also persuade you to buy them. We encourage you to check out the high quality accessories that will certainly make caring for rabbits easier. We invite you to place an order in Avita's online store - we ship promptly.

Cottages for rabbits - take care of your pet's comfort.

Remember that this type of animal should have its own corner to rest and feel safe. Therefore, in addition to feeders and drinkers, we offer plastic houses at a good price. The animal can hide in them when it is tired or stressed. Take care of his sense of security, buying the product prepared in our online store.

Accessories for rabbits - houses for safety

Plastic hutches can also include other accessories from our store, i.e. drinkers and feeders. Thanks to them, your pet will certainly feel perfectly, not only safe, but also comfortable. When you provide him with a good life, he will certainly be happy to show his gratitude. We offer our accessories to both professional rabbit breeders and customers who have them as pets. We encourage you to purchase them now.

What accessories do we have in our offer?

We have prepared feeders in various sizes, both 15 cm and 25 cm. Moreover, you will find here drip feeders of 500 ml and 1 L. And don't forget the plastic house, providing your rabbit with comfort and safety at any time of the day or night. You will find all these products at attractive prices, so you do not have to spend a lot of money to enjoy the convenience of caring for your pet.

We invite you to place your order in Avita store

Drinkers, feeders and other accessories are equipment that should already be in your farm or house. We encourage you to place your order now, and soon the chosen product will come into your hands. Thanks to it, you will ensure your pet's life in comfort and happiness. Take good care of it thanks to equipment purchased in Avita store. Its attractive price should convince you to buy it, so don't wait any longer with placing your order.


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Drip drinker ( bottle ) 500 ml for rabbits

The drinker is suitable for all large and small rodents. Hanging the drinker is very easy thanks to a wire handle that guarantees stable attachment to any type of cage. The drinker spout is made of stainless steel with a ball valve that ensures perfect water tightness. Thanks to the unscrewable tank, water change is not a problem. The water in the drinker...

In stock

Plastic drip drinker for rabbits 0.5 l

Drip drinker for all rodents (including hamsters, rabbits, chinchillas) and predators. Each cage and welded mesh allow the attachment of the drinker. The nipple is made of stainless material with thread. The drinker is filled with liquid through a flap that can be opened.

In stock

Plastic house for rabbits

Plastic rabbit hutch for rabbits to laze around. This is the perfect place to raise rabbits. The box is equipped with a nest, so all you have to do is fill it with some hay and the rabbit (the mother) will have a dark, quiet and comfortable rearing environment. Besides the nest, the box is also equipped with a door for the rabbits to enter and exit, and...

In stock

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