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Udder balms

Our offer is addressed to all cattle farmers who care about milk production in a hygienic and safe way for the cows. For this purpose, we have prepared a wide range of udder balms. They have been developed with care for high milking quality and the well-being of the animals. The ingredients contained in them not only care for the skin but also prevent the development of mastitis. These products should be a permanent fixture in every milking parlor and should be used daily to keep dairy cattle in good condition for as long as possible.

Bovine udder balms

We encourage you to reach for products with preventive and caring properties. They are designed to moisturize the skin, especially in cows prone to mastitis (in such cases the balm should be applied regularly - once a week). The ingredients contained in them not only moisturize and make the cattle's skin elastic, but also protect it against the development of diseases and lower the content of somatic cells in milk. Balms with an additional refreshing effect are a separate group. We are talking about pepper and mint preparations which, apart from udder care, also provide a pleasant smell. The creams of this type contain Japanese peppermint oil, which leaves a delicate herbal scent on the skin. Aviva udder care products are sold in convenient ergonomic packaging, so the application will not cause any problems.

Our udder care products are also available in liquid form. Selected packs are designed to be applied with an adjustable atomizer. This solution facilitates the application of the preparation on the udder, which is absorbed even faster without leaving a greasy layer on the skin. Apart from mint, the preparation may also contain marigold, eucalyptus or tea tree extract, which enhances the soothing and moisturizing effect. Cattle farmers who value similar solutions are also encouraged to reach for microemulsions. These are modern water-based lotions which penetrate the skin, moisturizing the udder from the inside and preventing further development of inflammation. The products are available in bottles or special bags for easy application.

Udder care products: regular and peppermint balms

Our udder balms are free from artificial additives, preservatives and antibiotics. Their use is safe for both cattle and humans. The care preparations also do not require a withdrawal period - they are ready for use immediately after purchase. Most of them have been enriched with essential oils with a pleasant and light scent and an additional moisturizing effect. It is worth reaching for Avita products for one more reason: we create them with great care and attention to meet the needs of both cattle and breeders specializing in milking.


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