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Udder creams

One might think that milking is a very simple operation. Nothing more misleading! Both the technique and the care of cows, goats and other female mammals that give us milk are important in the whole process. In order to provide the cattle with proper care, we suggest udder creams for taking care of their hygiene. Thanks to them the risk of inflammation of mammary glands is reduced. These inflammations are sometimes caused by bacterial infections, to which the udders are very prone due to weakness after milking.

teat care - udder creams

Maintaining proper hygiene among your cattle is very important. Raised cattle thus avoid numerous diseases or the already mentioned bacterial or fungal infections. A healthy animal also produces higher quality, clean milk which is ideal for drinking.

Creams based on natural ingredients for cattle care

Specifications from this category of our online store Avita, are products for preventive use. They do not contain antibiotics, however, thanks to natural ingredients they perfectly cope with maintaining high level of hygiene of mammary glands. The properties of the ointments include, among others, making the teats more flexible, which allows for a fully safe milking. What is more, udder care creams protect udders against negative effects of many weather conditions such as wind, rain or excessive sun exposure.

We offer udder hygiene creams made of:

- aloe vera,

- lavender and thyme,

- peppermint.

The properties of these herbs will keep the mammary glands of your cattle in very good health. You can be absolutely sure that products from our store are completely safe for animals.

Peppermint in udder care creams

Of particular note are formulations with peppermint, which has soothing, anti-inflammatory and diastolic properties. Products based on this ingredient are very popular in our offer, therefore we encourage you to choose them.

More uses for udder hygiene creams

The specific products from our store are also designed to deter insects from settling on the mammary glands of cattle. This is very important, among other things, because they can carry all sorts of contaminants and pathogenic microorganisms. And thus cause gland inflammation, which will result in contaminated milk, unhealthy for humans. The use of udder creams is very important for young breeding animals, which do not yet have a properly developed immune system, and will accept food from their mothers.

Ointments for cattle care and hygiene

You certainly want your cattle to be fully healthy. Therefore, invest in products from our store! We sell the ointments in this category at very good prices. Discover products designed to care for and maintain a high level of hygiene of the mammary glands of your livestock. Decide to buy them now.


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