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Udder gels

Regular care of breeding cattle is very important to keep the animals healthy. For every professional breeder this is a matter of course. For this purpose it is worth betting on udder gels, which we present in our broad offer. They serve to maintain adequately high hygiene of mammary glands. Devoid of antibiotics, made of natural ingredients, they are perfect for regular care. Plant oils and isopropyl alcohol have been used in their production. Thanks to this, the cattle udder hygiene gels have strong antibacterial properties. And these are not all their properties!

Udder hygiene gels - what properties do they have?

As we have already mentioned, their task is to clean the glands from pathogenic bacteria and many other microorganisms. However, this is not all. Ointments are highly moisturizing, and also warming. They improve the elasticity of the glands very quickly, which makes the whole milking process easier and reduces the risk of injuries. Gel for cattle udder hygiene, also facilitates milk secretion.

Take care of your cattle's health with our preparations

We offer udder care gels at very good prices. They are available in containers of various capacities, including 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L and 5 L. The consistency of the preparations is jelly-like and at the same time they spread very well on the skin. What's more, you only need to apply a small amount to the teats and mammary glands. So you know that one container of our udder gel will last you a very long time.

How to use our udder gel?

All you need to do is to apply the right amount of the product to the mammary glands after each milking, and then spread it carefully. It has a soothing effect and effectively reduces the chances of inflammation occurring. This is a product you should definitely equip yourself with if you have livestock. We encourage you to purchase the product, selected from this category of our online store Avita.

The preparation is devoid of antibiotics, its composition is based on natural ingredients, including turpentine or eucalyptus oil. Plants used in the production of specifics, are characterized by antibacterial properties, and at the same time serve perfectly to clean the mammary glands of all kinds of microorganisms. By using our specifics, you will certainly bring great relief to farm animals.

Proper care is good for animal and human health!

Since we consume milk from cattle, any kind of udder inflammation or infection through the growth of pathogenic bacteria can also negatively affect human health. Therefore, to maintain high hygiene of mammary glands, we recommend using gels offered in our store - we sell them at attractive prices. We encourage you to purchase. We realize the order very fast.


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