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Udder ointment

Milk production means that the hygienic quality of milk must be maintained at the highest possible level. In order to achieve the expected results, breeders are currently helped not only by strict sanitary guidelines concerning e.g. disinfection of equipment located in milking parlours, but also by products facilitating proper care of animals, which translates definitely into their well-being. Avita Cow Udder Ointment is one of many such proposals. Prepared on the basis of biologically active ingredients, it does not cause any problems during application and works well in keeping the teat skin in good condition.

Hygiene and care of dairy cattle - the offer of the company Avita

The Avita company has been operating in the agricultural industry since 1996 supplying professional equipment primarily to farms specializing in animal husbandry, in particular dairy cows. Among the wide range of hygiene and care products available in the offer, customers will also find Avita ointment for lubrication of cow udders, developed on the basis of active biological components and with the addition of plant extracts. It is an easy to spread preparation containing zinc oxide, petroleum jelly and refining substances, designed for comprehensive care and protection of the udder skin. This ointment is approved for food contact and its use is not subject to withdrawal.

Cow udder ointment - why should I use it?

It is primarily a conditioning preparation that is spread on the teats after milking. The layer formed in this way becomes a barrier protecting against, among others, adverse microclimatic conditions. Avita Cow Udder Ointment is a preparation for the application on the delicate skin of the mammary glands, which, if properly protected, becomes less susceptible to damage and the impact of microorganisms. The treatment should be applied daily after milking, especially if you notice any cracks or damage on the udder skin which could lead to the development of severe inflammation (mastitis). It is also a great solution if the animals for some reason are exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Avita - cow udder ointment

The Cow Udder Ointment we offer on our website is available in both small (500ml) and large (1l and 5l) containers, making it easy for our customers to choose the amount they need at any given moment. It is a preparation with protective properties which reduces the impact of negative mechanical and microclimatic factors on the delicate teat skin. The application does not cause major problems because it is enough to apply a layer of the ointment after milking and to spread it carefully. A great advantage is the attractive price of the assortment presented in this category, so if you are looking for this or other products intended for the care of dairy cows - we invite you to place your order in Avita.


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