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Udder paper

The products presented in this category are one of the most popular among dairy farmers, which is not surprising. Avita Udder Hygiene papers are easy to use, efficient and they do an excellent job of removing both dirt and unwanted microorganisms from the teats. It is also reliable for drying the teats after milking. Disposable, biodegradable and available in wet versions, sold in buckets or plastic bags, it is simply indispensable in the parlour. Because of its properties and its purpose, wet udder paper is one of several key elements in achieving high quality clean milk.

Wet udder paper - benefits of using Avita products

Milk production, like food production in general, is subject to strict hygiene regulations and dairy farmers are obliged to comply with all relevant regulations. Maintaining a high level of hygiene at every stage is therefore crucial and translates directly into microbiological purity of the milk produced - the fewer bacteria found in samples submitted for testing, the higher the grade of the product. It is very important in this case not only to perform regular sanitary procedures, but also to choose appropriate articles used within the milking parlour. Avita udder paper used for drying the teats after milking is a solution valued for many reasons. First of all, it is absorbent and strong and the wet version has been soaked with a cleaning agent suitable for contact with the animal's delicate skin. The individual strips are conveniently detached from the roll or taken out of the bucket, and as it is made of biodegradable materials, the disposal of the used wet udder paper does not cause any major problems.

Why is milking hygiene so important?

The technological process of milk production is based on strictly defined guidelines, the non-observance of which can influence not only the deterioration of hygienic quality and exceeding the OLB norm (total number of bacteria), but also have a negative impact on the health and condition of the animals being farmed. For this reason it is advisable to use, among others, wet udder paper soaked in a cleaning agent approved for food contact. It is a single-use product used mainly to clean and dry the teats directly after milking and before milking.

Avita udder hygiene paper

For years we have been making sure that our customers can buy the best products for dairy cattle care and products necessary for maintaining high level of hygiene in milking parlours. For this reason, we regularly supplement our catalog with new, practical solutions at attractive prices. Our most popular products include, among others, convenient to use and valued for its properties wet paper for udder hygiene, divided into slips. We invite you to contact us and place an order for the selected variant from Avita's offer.


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