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What influences the high quality of dairy products? First and foremost, great attention is paid to the proper treatment of farm animals. The quality of the feed plays an important role. Not without significance is also the attention to hygiene at every stage of milk production. An approach ensuring attention to appropriate conditions is a guarantee of receiving dairy products of the highest quality. The better the quality, the more offers to buy, and thus - more profits. Taking care of the comfort of your livestock, good organization of work, regular disinfection and thorough cleaning of equipment allows you to maintain high product quality, as well as ensuring the overall welfare of your animals.

How to maintain hygiene in milk production?

The first step in maintaining hygiene is to properly disinfect the udder of the cow as well as the milk collection area. Failure to follow this ritual can result in udder inflammation or infection and unnecessary suffering for the animal. It is also essential to ensure that the milk ducts are clean. If they are not cleaned properly before each use, they can become clogged and are also prone to microbial and bacterial growth.

Wire brushes for cleaning accessories - the way to go

A decent wire cleaning is done with a specialized brush. Wire brushes for cleaning accessories are significantly different from brushes available at any store. First of all, they are made of high quality plastic bristles that are easy to clean, sanitize and disinfect after each use. Plastic is very durable and it is easy to make precise movements inside the milk duct or other surfaces to be cleaned.

Wire brushes for cleaning accessories are also used for liners. What are liners? This is an accessory that is used when milking cows. The liner is placed on the udder of the cow during milking. This rubber directly touches the udder, so cleaning it thoroughly is essential to keep the cow from acquiring infection and inflammation.

Why invest in wire brushes for cleaning accessories?

Wire brushes are very flexible, so they are easy to handle when cleaning an item. They are long and stiff, and this allows the brush to reach the exact areas that you need to clean. The wire also allows for a good adjustment and possible tilt of the brush if needed. What's more, wire bristle brushes have specific shapes that make it easier to thoroughly clean individual parts. They are designed to make work easier - they are the right length and width. Each brush is also finished with a special protector that prevents damage and scratching of the cleaned parts.

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