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Livestock owners know the importance of taking proper care of their cattle to keep them healthy and able to work every day. For this reason, breeders pay a lot of attention to feed and housing conditions. Properly groomed hooves are equally important for the comfort of the animal's life. Hoof knives and their regular use can make this task easier.

How to choose hoof knives?

Our store offers a wide range of different products which are necessary for work on a farm. Such articles are knives for hoof correction, which are small and useful instruments with different specifications. When buying a tool, it is worth paying attention to the material from which the blade is made. Increasingly popular are those made of steel, perfectly suitable for this purpose, which is ideal for grooming procedures. A properly shaped and comfortable handle is also crucial. The sharpening method is also important, as hoof knives always need to be properly prepared before grooming.

Why is it important to care for animals' hooves?

Proper care for horses, sheep and cows has a measurable impact on their health. Hoof knives are an element of proper care that protects against reproduction problems, weight loss, and sometimes a drop in milk production. Treatments with these tools are not just cosmetic, but an investment to keep your animals healthy and avoid vet visits or lengthy treatment. Hoof correction knives are a financially sensible solution, taking into account the good condition of the animals. They are perfect for preventive treatments on the farm, the aim of which is to preserve the most natural shape of hooves and their even load.

Professional hoof correction knives

Our range of products includes carefully selected professional tools made from top quality materials. The proposed hoof knives have been designed in such a way that they are comfortable to use and at the same time perform their role properly. Selected raw materials used during production guarantee durability of the tool and at the same time a long time of use. Specialized tools are profiled in such a way that cutting hooves is easy, fast and at the same time they do not tire your hands during work. Hoof correction knives are profiled in such a way that only the fragments that need to be removed can be cut out. An additional advantage of the tool is its low weight, which facilitates precise movements.

Offered knives for correction of hooves are tools which should be systematically used and thanks to it improve comfort of animals' life and provide them with regular care favourable for their health.

We encourage you to get acquainted with a wide assortment of the store. We allow you to personalize your order and answer any additional questions. We invite you to contact us.


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