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1.Internet store, located at www.avita.pl allows you to make purchases via the Internet, is run by AVITA Sławomir Rutz with headquarters in Osielsko 86-031, 40 Leśna Street, registered in the Business Register kept by the Mayor of Bydgoszcz - no 94354, which was given NIP 554-046-26-00 and REGON 093065866 identification number.

2.Prices of goods sold in the online store are given in Polish zloty and include VAT (they are gross prices).

3.Registration in the online store by the user is tantamount to acceptance of the provisions of these Regulations. Thus, the user agrees to receive from the online store, to the e-mail address provided by him, information necessary for the execution of the contract.

4.We make every effort to ensure that the pictures and descriptions given are fully correct and complete. We would like to mention that the presented photos are for illustration only and their color, format and size may differ from the original. In case of any doubts or for more information please contact our sales department. The presented catalog does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code and is for informational purposes only.


1.Purchase of goods takes place through:

  1. user registration, (one time, next purchase after logging in),

  2. Adding goods to the cart,

  3. indicating the delivery address,

  4. choosing the payment method,

  5. agreeing with the terms of service

Each order will be confirmed electronically, and in special cases, by telephone. The user has the right to withdraw from the order until the confirmation of dispatch of goods by an employee of the store.

2.Orders can be placed 24 hours a day throughout the year. Orders are carried out on the next working day after accepting the order.

3.In the case of absence of the ordered goods in the warehouse, or an unexpected increase in the time necessary to bring the ordered goods the customer is informed of this fact by the customer service and the customer can cancel or change such an order or its part.

4.Incorrectly completed forms and orders not confirmed by the Buyer within 5 days will not be implemented.

5.Store reserves the right to refuse an order at any stage of its implementation, in the case of unavailability of the ordered goods in stock and at suppliers or in cases raising reasonable concerns and when there is no compliance with these rules.

6.We reserve the right that due to the temporary unavailability of the goods in stock or other reasons beyond our control we may carry out the order partially. If there are problems with the implementation of the order, we will immediately notify the buyer.

7.The cost of delivery shall be borne by the Buyer.

8. We issue a VAT invoice for the ordered goods.

9.The user who accepts registration in the online store, provided that you agree to receive commercial information about services, products and special offers introduced by the online store.


1.Purchased goods will be delivered by the carrier at the expense of the user.

2.Purchased goods are delivered to the address specified in the order form.

3.Ordered goods are shipped and delivered only on business days.

4.All shipments are insured.

5.Shipments are delivered through: RABEN or GLS (depending on weight) courier service, quality standard delivery time - 2 working days.

6.To determine the approximate delivery time please contact Avita's Customer Service.

7.You can also track the shipment yourself by visiting:

RABEN https://polska.raben -group.com/strefa-klienta-raben-logistics-polska/

GLShttps://gls -group.eu/PL/pl/sledzenie-paczek

8.The store is not responsible for the delay in delivery, caused by the carrier.


Transport costs include the cost of packing and shipping.

GLScourier company :




Up to 25 kg

19,67 zł gross

19 PLN gross

Shipments whose weight exceeds 30 kg are sent on a pallet with SUUScompany according tothe following price list:

Pallet weight


Up to 200 kg

90 PLN gross

over 200 kg

170 zł gross

If the order is over 1000 net price, the shipment is at AVITA expense.

ATTENTION: AVITA reserves the right to change transport costs in special cases when it is impossible to pack the parcel in one parcel both for reasons of safety of goods and limitations of courier companies.

In case of any changes in transport costs the customer is informed each time.


1.SUUS courier company and GLS delivers packages and pallets to the indicated address. In the case of absence of the Recipient, the courier leaves a notification with the date of the next attempt to deliver the consignment and with the indication of where and when the Recipient may personally collect the consignment. Uncollected shipment will be returned to AVITA warehouse. Re-delivery will be possible after paying the fees for its return equal to the cost of delivery.

2.At the moment of reception of the parcel the Customer is obliged to check if it is originally packed. The package should be taped with AVITA's proprietary tape, which must not show any signs of damage. Our tape is white and has a red AVITA logo. Additionally, some parcels are also wrapped with stretch foil. The customer is also obliged to check the shipment for any damage caused during transport and its completeness in the presence of the person who delivers the goods. The condition of processing a complaint regarding quantity or quality is to draw up a "Complaint Protocol" in the presence of an employee of the forwarding company SUUS or GLS. The ownership of the goods and all risks related to their possession and use, in particular the risk of loss or damage, passes to the Buyer upon receipt of the goods.

If you find damage to the packaging, tapes or traces of opening the package, please do not accept the shipment and as soon as possible contact our store or accept the goods, marking the inconsistency on the waybill at the same time writing a report of damage to the shipment on a special form provided by the courier and then make a complaint to our store. Complaints submitted to our company will be accepted only with the protocol written during the reception of the consignment and signed by the courier.

4.Complaints about mechanical damage caused during transport will not be considered without a properly completed damage protocol with the courier delivering the consignment and without the original packaging of the advertised goods.

5.Accepting the shipment by you without reservation causes the extinction of claims for loss or damage.


1.Customer can choose one of the following methods of payment:

  • ON RECEIPT (COLLECTED) - Payment in cash to the courier upon receipt of the shipment.

  • TRANSFER TO BANK ACCOUNT - The customer pays the total value of the order to the bank account number, which is given at the time of order. Goods are sent after the amount is credited to the account.

  • BY CREDIT CARD - through the service platnosci.pl.

2.Shipping costs are added to the shipment. Their approximate values are calculated automatically when placing an order and depend on the form of delivery and payment and the weight of the goods.

3.NOTE: When transferring money to our account, please include the order number in the title.

Please transfer payment for orders to the account number given below:

Account no: 06 2490 0005 0000 4530 4211 4367 PLN

Account name: AVITA Sławomir Rutz, Leśna Street 40, 86-031 Osielsko

Bank name: Alior Bank SA


1.In case of complaint based on warranty it is necessary to

a/ sign the warranty card with your name and surname,

b/ attach a note with the description of the damage,

c) attach a proof of purchase of the advertised goods (may be a photocopy),

d/ send the goods to the address: AVITA Slawomir Rutz, 40 Forest Street, 86-031 Osielsko at his own expense.

2. AVITA sends complained goods to the manufacturer, and after settling the complaint sends back at its expense.

3.NOTE: We do not accept packages with complaints sent at our expense.

4. The day of claim is the day when the parcel with claimed goods arrived to AVITA company office.

5. The reported complaint will be considered within 30 days from the date of its submission. Within 30 days, the user will receive a response containing the reasons, as well as information on the appeal procedure.

6.In the case of an unjustified complaint or damage to the equipment through the fault of the user, all costs of the above procedures shall be borne by the Customer.

7.In the case of a complaint regarding the amount of ordered goods or services, the User is obliged to indicate the questioned item and the amount.

VIII. cancellation of the order, return of goods

1.If you want to cancel your order: you can cancel the goods purchased in the Online Store without giving any reason until you receive a message that the package with the ordered goods has been sent to the buyer.

2.If you want to resign from the delivered goods: in the case of goods purchased for personal use, not related to the professional activity, you can resign from the goods within 14 days from the date of its delivery.

3.Condition for the adoption of the return is to provide a complete product not bearing traces of use, in the original undamaged packaging, to the consignment must be accompanied by a letter stating that the equipment is returned under the terms of the return, attach the original purchase document (invoice) and provide accurate details of the purchaser along with bank account number to which the money is to be sent. Returned goods should be safely packed and marked "RETURN" on the package in a visible place.

4.Store guarantees to return the amount equal to the price of the product. The money will be refunded within 14 working days by bank transfer to the account specified by the Buyer. Please also note that we do not accept any packages sent to us on delivery.

5.In the case of returning the goods, the customer bears the cost of transportation in both directions.


1.If you want to make changes to the orders you have placed two days apart: If an order placed on the first day has not been processed (shipped) by the time the next order is completed, we will ship both orders in one package (if possible and then charge postage for only one shipment) upon request.

2.If you wish to change an order: At your request, communicated by email or phone, we can make changes to an order you have placed - of course, if the order has not already been packed or shipped by us.

3.You may share your account with third parties at your own risk and responsibility. If there are any changes to the personal information contained in the registration form, you will update it immediately. You may request to remove your personal data from AVITA's database by sending an email to: sklep@ avita.pl or calling 523241510.

4.All trade names, product names, company names and their logos used in www.avita.pl store belong to their owners and are used for identification purposes only. They may be registered trademarks. All materials, descriptions and photos presented on the www.avita.pl store website are used for informational purposes. Site content (text, images, graphics) and all its parts are property of AVITA company, manufacturers, suppliers or cooperating companies.

5.Price in internet store - product price is valid only for orders placed in internet store www.avita.pl.

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