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Plastic house for rabbits

Plastic rabbit hutch for rabbits to laze around. This is the perfect place to raise rabbits. The box is equipped with a nest, so all you have to do is fill it with some hay and the rabbit (the mother) will have a dark, quiet and comfortable rearing environment. Besides the nest, the box is also equipped with a door for the rabbits to enter and exit, and the lid gives you the opportunity to check the health of your rabbits. The removable bottom of the box allows convenient cleaning and disinfection.

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Drip drinker ( bottle ) 500 ml for rabbits

The drinker is suitable for all large and small rodents. Hanging the drinker is very easy thanks to a wire handle that guarantees stable attachment to any type of cage. The drinker spout is made of stainless steel with a ball valve that ensures perfect water tightness. Thanks to the unscrewable tank, water change is not a problem. The water in the drinker...

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Plastic drip drinker for rabbits 0.5 l

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