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Milking cluster - cluster holder


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Automatic sprayer 50 ml

Dispenser, medication gun with a capacity of 50 ml. It is used to administer medications and energy supplements to cattle in liquid form. Features: - self-filling - light and durable - easy to clean - 70 cm hose and probes (50 mm, 145 mm) included in delivery

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Lizawka calcium block 10 kg

Calcium Lick contributes to the start of the reproductive cycle in cows (oestrus at the right time, easy reproduction, etc.) due to its vitamin and mineral content. It influences bone strength and maintains the integrity of the udder. Long-term use of Calcium Block helps to eliminate the problem of eating and licking inanimate surfaces (stones, soil,...

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Steel drinking trough for pigs

Feeder made of stainless steel Can also be used as a drinker with water. It has a hook to hang behind grates. Easy to clean and use. For use in farrowing barns. Drinking trough features: - Diameter 270 mm; - Capacity 3 liters - Plastic hooks for hanging in the grid - Stocking density - one litter of piglets, about 12-17 heads; - Weight of the animals up...

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