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Udder cloths and towels

Dairy farming is an agricultural production sector that requires special attention to hygiene. After all, maintaining cleanliness at the appropriate level before, during and after milking is key to meeting strict sanitary requirements, it also affects the overall welfare of the animals. As a company that has been operating in the industry for many years, we understand this very well, which is why we regularly supplement our offer with dairy cattle care preparations and hygiene products that perform excellently in their role, including udder cleaning towels and cloths.

Hygiene in dairy farming - udder towels and wipes

Presented in this category udder cleaning cloths and towels white made of interlining or blue made of special nonwoven fabric are soft and absorbent, so they are perfect for preparing dairy cattle for milking. They are hygienic articles characterized by durability and resistance to tearing, which can be reused again and again after washing and disinfection. Manufactured from biodegradable materials, they have no negative impact on the environment. Their huge advantage is also the fact that they can be used to clean even very dirty udders, as the functional properties of the materials used for the cloths and towels make them fast and effective in cleaning the udders. Used with the right preparation, they minimize the risk of multiplication of unwanted bacteria (including staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli).

Udder care and washing - take care of dairy cattle with Avita products.

Sanitary requirements for milk production oblige cow breeders to be very meticulous about hygiene. Regular washing and disinfection are basic procedures, without which the milk produced will not reach the desired level of bacterial purity, which will affect its quality and, as a result, prevent the expected price at the buyer. Lack of attention to zoohygiene can also, in a very short time, lead to the proliferation of microorganisms and diseases harmful to the health of cattle, especially on farms with large stocking densities. The items offered on the Avita website, including grooming products and cloths and towels, are a wide range of assortments designed precisely to help any cow farmer with daily tasks.

Avita - cloths and towels for care and washing of dairy cattle

The udder cloths and towels available in our offer are high-quality hygiene items that make it easier to keep cattle clean while in the milking parlor. They are absorbent, gentle in contact with the washed skin, durable and biodegradable, sold in packs of a few or dozens at a very attractive price. This is a first-class assortment, designed to keep dairy cattle in the best possible condition. So, if you are looking for cloths and towels ideal for carefully washing udders after milking - you are cordially invited to place an order for the products available from Avita.



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