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Every farmer or manager in an agricultural enterprise knows how important it is to maintain order on the farm. The right system, segregation process and organization of daily chores can make working among animals much easier. And in order to achieve this, it is essential to invest in the right products to make daily chores easier. One of these is identification items for livestock on the farm. Apart from clips that are attached to the ears of the animals, you can also invest in other items that make identification and selection of animals easier. One of these is identification collars.

Identification collars for marking - what are they?

The name "collar" at first may be associated with smaller, domesticated pets, tamed by humans. Typically designed for dogs and cats, to be worn every day or walked, a collar is a useful part of your daily life with your pet. First of all, it helps direct your pet in the right direction, especially when accompanied by a leash. A collar is also an easy way to quickly catch your pet without risking harm. Another advantage of each collar is that its unique color or design distinguishes the animal wearing it from other animals in the area. This is how identification collars for marking also serve their purpose among animals other than domestic pets.

Identification collars can also be found around the necks of other animals, even wild ones. They have also been used for cattle as well as sheep or goats for some time now.

Identification collars for cattle - what makes them different?

Compared to other models, identification collars for cattle have to be much more durable. Both cows and bulls can grow to an impressive size, which means that their weight and strength can cause the collar to break or wear out if it is not of good quality.

So what should a good cattle identification collar have? First of all, they must be made of strong material. On the one hand, the material used to create the collar must be strong, and on the other hand, it must be easy to clean and facilitate hygiene. In the case of premium collars, the material may be additionally reinforced with another, more durable material.

What else should you know about identification collars?

Some models come with a buckle. Thanks to the buckle, it is much easier to adjust the collar for a particular cow or bull and make sure that the collar won't come loose by being clipped too loosely. The convenient adjustment allows you to adjust the collar to your animal's changing size, and therefore allows for long term use.

Identification collars for marking cattle are a useful element in the work of every farmer, regardless of the number of livestock owned. Before making a choice, it is advisable to consult on matching products to individualized needs.

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