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Working on a farm provides a myriad of challenges that can change every day. Handling livestock requires a high level of commitment from employees, as well as advanced systems for organizing the work around them. One of the most important elements of organization is the proper disposal of the resources you have. If this is the case, it is worth investing in the right tools that can make this work easier, such as items that will help identify each member of the herd. If the farm is in chaos, there will be problems with productivity and results.

Identification numbers for cattle - why are they useful?

Identification of owned animals is an important organizational element, helping to distinguish a specific animal from many others, sometimes very similar. It is also a way to distinguish an animal in your herd from other animals in the event that it escapes or goes missing. Furthermore, livestock identification numbers provide information, for example, on which herd the animal was born and where it belongs. The identification numbers assigned to a particular bovine animal may change if it stays in another herd for a long time.

How do I use identification numbers?

Identification digits are not elements that always occur individually, because for some animals they are complete with another means of identification. How to use identification numbers? Bovine identification numbers are attached to the identification collar so that they are clearly visible no matter where the animal is at any given moment. The identification digits must be properly mounted so that there is no doubt, for example, whether the digit is a "6" or a "9". Furthermore, the digit must be made of a material that is not easily stained so that it can be easily cleaned of any mud or dirt if necessary. Cattle, especially those released into paddocks or pastures, are exposed to varying weather conditions, including heavy rain. For the same reason, identification numbers must be durable. Each cow and bull can grow to a truly enormous size, so identification numbers must not be made of material that can be easily damaged.

Identification numbers for cattle - what collars should they come with?

Identification numbers can be hung on classic collars, but also on premium collars. Some collars have classic buckles, allowing easy and quick size adjustment. Each product on the site has been designed with the user in mind, so it is possible to adapt the products to the individualized needs of each customer. There are a variety of products available on the site, hence the willingness to offer many personalized solutions. Every farm has different needs and every herd requires a different approach.

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